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UNCSA 2019

Assistant Stage Manager for Massenet's Werther. Worked alongside two casts of Fletcher Opera Institute lead singers and one cast of undergraduate and high school student chorus from UNCSA's School of Music. Created props tracking paperwork, Who/What/Where, and cued entrances from the score for singers. Coordinated weapons permits, transport, and safe storage for the run of show. 

Paperwork Examples

Production Staff

Jules Massenet- Composer

Édouard Blau and Paul Milliet- Libretto

Steven LaCosse- Director

Anthony Walker- Conductor

Rachel Miller- Scenic Design

Ethan Saiewitz- Lighting Design

Kristen Mendez- Costume Design

Nick Lynch Voris- Wigs & Makeup Design

Nina Walker- Production Stage Manager

Carson Roxanne Gantt & Helen Moreau- Assistant Stage Managers

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