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Being a manager means that I get to be at the intersection of creativity and logistics. I thrive in that sweet spot and it energizes me to do the best that I can for myself and for my team. I love to be in the center of the creative process, being able to collaborate with other people to create unique artistic experiences.

Though I have found my niche as a stage manager for dance, my experience runs the gambit from plays & musicals to opera as well as experience in both indoor and outdoor venues. I have been able to draw from each different show to deepen my knowledge of stage management and make myself a more well rounded manager. 

I love to stage manage because every day presents itself with different challenges. I pride myself on my adaptability and resourcefulness. I also love the connections I am able to make in my work. There is no greater joy than bringing what I love most to the world. 

Fun Fact! I have a three legged cat 🐱

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