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Spring Dance 

UNCSA 2019

Assistant Stage Manager for dance concert featuring two contemporary and two ballet pieces. Concert featured 60 dancers each perfomance as well as live piano, violin, and percussion. Managed transitions to and from each piece, including cooridating flying hard and soft goods. Created dance tracking paperwork for two pieces (Harlequinade and Grove) for PSM to call performances with. 

Production Staff

Susan Jaffe- Artistic Director

Raymonda- Eva Draw, Stager

Mondrian Duets- Brenda Daniels, Choreographer

Harlequinade Pas de Deux- Nina Danilova, Stager

Grove- Trish Casey, Choreographer

Hannah Fuqua- Lighting Director

Eva James Toia- Grove Lighting Designer

Marissa McCullough- Director of Dance Costume Shop

Colby Hodge- Sound Designer

Maura Wetzel- Production Stage Manager

Jody Bogner & Helen Moreau- Assistant Stage Managers

Paperwork Examples

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