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© HSDanse DARLING 2020 Photo by Peter Mu

Photo Courtesy of Helen Simoneau Danse

DARLING-  Helen Simoneau Danse

World Premiere- 2020

Calling Stage Manager for the world premiere of an hour long contemporary piece for 5 dancers, choreographed  by Helen Simoneau, at the HanesBrandsTheatre in Winston Salem, NC. Worked alongside artistic and lighting to cue the piece. Called several tech rehearsals & shows from dance tracking.

*Paperwork Examples available upon request* 

Production Staff

Helen Simoneau- Choreographer

Mary Kouyoumdjian- Orginal Music

Melanie George- Dramaturg 

David Feri- Lighting Design

Quinn Czejkowski- Costume Design

Helen Moreau- Stage Manager


Courtesy of Helen Simoneau Danse

Photography by Peter Mueller

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